Software Of Glove Box In Lithium Ion Battery Output Sector

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1. Safety problems in the method of lithium ion battery tests, creation, transportation and use

Security is to know whether the substance (pure subject) or its substances (mixtures) are flammable, explosive, reactive, disorder-triggering, extremely poisonous, radioactive, corrosive, environmentally polluting, and many others .

The transporter (might leak), the operator (may possibly get hold of), the conclusion product user (use protection), and of study course environmental security.

two. Options to safety difficulties

The option to the basic safety trouble of lithium ion batteries is mostly in the exam and production procedure.

Owing to the exceptionally large oxidizability of lithium steel to water vapor and oxygen, the primary circumstances and products necessities for the development of lithium ion polymer batteries are very rigorous, regardless of past testing or assembly, they will have to be in water and oxygen concentration Carried out in incredibly minimal surroundings, these kinds of as glove box drinking water, oxygen focus is fewer than 1PPM.

In the production system of lithium batteries, water is the biggest enemy. Drinking water may perhaps decompose the electrolyte and affect the performance of the battery. Drinking water will also respond with the constructive and unfavorable materials, so when filling the battery, it wants to be carried out in a glove box with a lower humidity written content, and it can only be taken out of the glove box soon after filling and sealing.

3. Relevant basic safety measures — test devices (working natural environmen

>Etelux Standard Glove box box is also referred to as super clean up glove box. The layout functionality of the glove box is to manage the natural environment to oxygen content material <1ppm and water content <1ppm. This process is achieved through an air purification system equipped with automatic valves and easy to install.