25 interior design and home decor tips for 2021

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Decorating your interior is not as complicated as it looks! Indeed, you just need to know a few essential decoration tips to save space, to recycle to perfection, to create a beautiful harmony and impress your loved ones. Apply these decorative ideas to everyday life and the trends for 2023!
12 Basic Home Decorating Tips You Need To Know

  • First, paint the ceiling white to make it look higher and the room look bigger.
  • Apply the rule of three: when decorating, arrange your small decorative elements in threes. Three candles, three small plants, three decorative pots… This rule establishes a certain harmony because “two” can seem bland and four or more, too busy. Also, we make sure to decorate with odd numbers: 3 paintings, 5 candles, 7 cushions…
  • Take care of the layout of the works of art : Indeed, place the paintings at eye level, at visible height for adults.
  • Think about the cable covers in the living room: don’t forget to store and camouflage your cables to take care of your decoration.
  • Use rugs to separate the areas : a rug to define the lounge area and a rug to define the dining area. On the other hand, never let a rug “float” in a room. Be sure to wedge it under the legs of a piece of furniture or the sofa. Check for more now at Homary!
  • Choose white! If in doubt about painting a wall, choose white or light colors because it makes the room look bigger.
  • Bet on yellow light bulbs: they are perfect for bringing softness and creating a soothing atmosphere in the room.
  • Position curtain rods well above your windows: the closer the rod is to the ceiling, the larger the room will look.
  • Multiply the sources of light in each room: do not settle for a chandelier. Floor lamps, night lights, light garlands and lamps are welcome!
  • Decorate empty corners with plants and that goes for all rooms! Living room, dining room, toilets, bathroom, bedroom, entrance…
  • Multiply the mirrors in the rooms: they reflect the light and thus make the rooms much brighter.
  • In the living room, create a U-shaped conversation area, with a sofa and two chairs facing each other at either end of the coffee table, or an H-shape, with a sofa directly in front of two chairs and a coffee table between. This instills a sense of balance and togetherness.

7 DIY Home Decor Tips

  • Attach curtain rods to the ceiling all around the bed to create a cute DIY canopy bed.
  • Use wallpaper to cover an old piece of furniture or the damaged surface of a shelf.
  • Paint the ventilation grilles with spray paint: so that these famous grilles do not spoil the rest of the decoration, spray them with a spray paint in the color of your choice.
  • Stick mirrors on the doors of your wardrobe: ideal for saving space and therefore having a large mirror to immortalize your looks without sacrificing an entire corner of the room.
  • Frame your TV with giant photo frames. Is your TV wall mounted? Give an even more designer look by framing the screen with a plain frame. Indeed, for a retro chic look, bet on a frame with moldings, white or gold.
  • Keep your toilet paper rolls and place them on the rod, in the spaces between the rounds of your curtains so that they stay in place at an equal distance.
  • Always have a can of spray paint on hand : bring new life with upcycling to an old frame, an old console or even a fridge that has become dirty… Remember to paint before throwing it away to replace it. It is also a way to afford a new inexpensive decoration.

6 interior design tips you need to know for a successful decor

  • Mix the old with the new. Create a perfect design atmosphere by adding some vintage and retro elements to your modern decoration. Mix antique objects and new objects!
  • Create a photo gallery on the wall of your stairs. It’s perfect if you don’t know where to group your frames with your family photos
  • Bet on plain bed linen to get bored less quickly. Bring sophistication with accent pillows and throws.
  • Group your books by color to create a beautiful rainbow in your library.
  • Place the plants on the wall… and the frames on the ground! And yes, we reverse! A frame can turn out even more beautiful when it is simply placed on the ground. Conversely, a plant is sublimated when it is hung on a wall light.
  • Buy trays in large numbers: everything is now more chic with a tray! They are used to display perfumes in the bedroom, to place a few decorative elements on the coffee table, candles and a vase on the dining room table, the mail on the entrance console.
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