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Before we dive into the blog today, imagine one scenario in which a guest comes to your newly renovated home and compliments you by saying, “Your home is so cozy”. How do you react? Umm, the answer to this question is easy, you’ll be overwhelmed with the compliment that your guest left for you. It’s the kind of praise most of us want and there’s no problem with it. Everyone dreams of having an apartment that isn’t just built well, but also conveys a sense of comfort and warmth.
A comfortable home is believed to be the most crucial element for wellbeing. If you’re looking to make your home to have that warm and cozy feeling but you can’t decide where to start, we are here to help. People often feel making the home comfortable requires a large amount of of money, however it’s not so. Simple and small actions like making adjustments to the lighting of your room or keeping slippers near the front door can transform your home to a comfortable-home oasis. To make it easier for you, we list three tips to help you turn your home into a warm one.

There’s a reason behind why the changing of lighting is put down first. The reason is that lighting has a lot to do with changing the atmosphere of your home. For a better understanding of lighting, try to assess the lighting conditions at your location by figuring out the solutions to the following three questions.

How many light sources are in your room?

What’s the design of each light? And do you approve of it?

The bulbs are warm or cool?

Once you get all the information you need to answer these queries, you are there halfway. For instance, knowing the answer to this question will aid you in avoiding harsh and overhead lighting. Instead, opt for task lighting including table and floor lamps, fragrant candles, and ambient lighting. This can help you create clusters of illumination.

When we talk about the lighting temperature, to deal properly with this, you firstly need to understand the difference between warm and cold lighting, and also what the term “temperature” actually means. The temperature of the light bulb tells you how yellow (warm) or blue (cold) your bulb’s temperature is. Now, you understand which color light to opt for and which colours need to be eliminated from your home. Also, take all the cold temperature bulbs and throw them as they’re not doing anyone any good.

Another easiest way to cozen up your space is by using rugs and textiles. The benefit of using rugs is that they’re not only inexpensive, but their use doesn’t require any kind of structural changes. In addition placing them on the floor can provide great warmth to your feet in winter.

Remember, rigs are not designed to be placed within the living room of your house. They can be placed in your kitchen and bathroom. Who wants to step onto a damp and cold bathroom floor after a shower in the winter months? There is no one! So, yes, consider installing rugs into your space. One suggestion be sure to utilize a luxurious bathmat in your bathroom, as well as rug.

Rugs are like paintings on the floor. Therefore, you should start searching for high-quality rugs on market and pick one that fits your home. If you have a large floor space, consider using small rugs in different colors to give your floors a fresh look.

Scents and fragrances are too often ignored. Many people think that purchasing fragrances and scents are a waste. However, this isn’t the scenario. Fragrances can create and add warmth to your home. Would you want your kitchen or dining space to smell like the fish you cooked the night before? It’s not likely!

Create a Cozy Home with These 3 Tips

This is where the importance of scents and perfumes kicks in. Rush to the market, and seek out scents you actually love. Explore wax melts, fragranced candles, incense, or fresh flowers. So basically, pick whatever you like that makes your nose smile. Trust us when we say that you will not regret it.

In addition, if you’re looking for more tips and tricks to add warmth to your space, do not ignore to call our team. We will be there to help you since we provide the best Interior design facilities in Singapore.

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