How Can I Solve Email Errors in QuickBooks Desktop

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Email errors in QuickBooks Desktop can be frustrating and can hinder your workflow. One common email error is when you encounter issues while sending or receiving emails from QuickBooks. This error can be caused by incorrect email settings, problems with your email server, or even issues with your internet connection. Another email error is when you receive a notification stating that QuickBooks is unable to send email because it is already in use. This error usually occurs when multiple email programs are running simultaneously, leading to conflicts. To resolve these email errors, it is recommended to double-check your email settings in QuickBooks, ensure that your email server is functioning properly, and close any other email programs that might be interfering with QuickBooks’ email functionality.

Solve the Email Errors in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Hit the Windows key + R to display the RUN command
  • Enter %TEMP% & hit on Enter
  • Perform right-click on any part of the temp folder then select properties
  • Choose the security option
  • Ensure entire details like usernames along groups displaying on the Security option containing full control
  • If the permissions have enabled Full control and save it again as a PDF inside QuickBooks.

Verify you can print XPS for only Email errors or save it as a PDF

  • Display the Notepad
  • Enter Test
  • Select the File menu & choose Print
  • Write a file name & save it
  • Locate the desktop and display the XPS document.
Alex Hales Asked question July 19, 2023