Swaraj 724 Features, Price, Key Specifications in 2023

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Swaraj 724 FE 4WD tractor is made in India and has a lot of features. Additionally, this brand is more popular and in demand among farmers because of its lower servicing costs and broad selection of service centers. This tractor is equipped with several cutting-edge innovations that contribute to raising agricultural production. Numerous farming attachments, including those for tilling, leveling, sowing, planting, carrying, and harvesting, are utilized with the Swaraj 724 XM. The Swaraj 724 price is Rs. 4.80 lakhs to 5.10 lakhs. The 1824 CC diesel engine option for the Swaraj 724 XM produces a maximum output of 25 HP at an engine RPM of 1800 RPM. Through a single dry disc friction plate, this motor is connected to a constant-mesh transmission with a 10-speed gearbox that has 8 forward speeds and 2 back gears, and with the help of this transmission gearbox, it is possible to efficiently reach high speeds of 10.77 Kmph in reverse and 27.72 Kmph in top gear. Additionally, mechanical steering and dry disc/oil-immersed brakes are installed on the Swaraj 724 XM to enhance control and keep the tractor in place.

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